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Michel Lawrence Photography and Video Production. The two go hand in hand in most cases. And with many of the modern high-end cameras able to be used as a platform for both stills and moving images, it has become much easier to carry out both disciplines together.

Michel Lawrence Photography can be commissioned to do both or either. It’s that simple. Video production invariably requires stills images as part of the production or as support medium for multi media work.

LIV HomePage-Living Ethics

Educational Video for the Law Institute of Victoria. Online delivery or DVD. Launched November 2015

The end result is a seamless production where the location, the subjects and the lighting are tied together to produce work which looks like it has come from the same viewpoint, because it has. For example, Miro recently produced a documentary on the now retired Supreme Court judge, Bernie Teague AO, for the Law Institute of Victoria. We were also able to supply a front cover image for the LIV magazine and stills from the shoot for the article in the magazine on the project. Thats what we mean by integrated.

Trailer for the Bernie Teague video


Photo by Michel Lawrence for the Law Institute Journal

Lewis Miller portrait by Michel Lawrence

Portrait of the artist Lewis Miller for the Law Institute Journal